Branch District Library First to Go Live on Michigan Evergreen

The Michigan Library Consortium (MLC) is thrilled to announce that Branch District Library is our first Michigan Evergreen library to migrate to the open-source Evergreen software. Their new catalog is part of Michigan Evergreen, Michigan’s open-source ILS project. Migrations for the remaining Michigan Evergreen pilot libraries are scheduled for this fall: Grand Rapids Public Library on September 29, Niles District Library on October 6, and Traverse Area District Library on November 10.

“Congratulations to the staff at Branch District Library for taking the plunge and becoming the first public library in Michigan to migrate to Evergreen,” said Randy Dykhuis, MLC Executive Director. “We at MLC are very pleased to be involved in the project.” MLC staff Evette Atkin, Ruth Dukelow, and Elaine Ross worked with the Grand Rapids Public Library and with Equinox Software, Inc., to convert and migrate Branch District Library’s records to the new Michigan Evergreen shared catalog.

“W00T! Nothing exploded!” said Evette Atkin, Systems Librarian for the Michigan Evergreen project. “With the amazing staff at Branch District Library, Equinox, and Grand Rapids Public Library, the migration was a success, and every minor speed bump will aid us making each migration smoother. Thank you so much to Branch District Library for being our first library to go live!”

John Rucker, the point person for the Michigan Evergreen migration at Branch District Library, said, “The level of service and responsiveness we have received from both Equinox and the staff at Michigan Library Consortium has far exceeded our expectations based on past experience with other vendors. There were a number little glitches to work out in the first couple of days and these were promptly resolved, sometimes in just minutes. We already knew that we and our patrons would be getting a superior library system, but it’s a pleasant surprise, indeed, to have this high level of customer service.”

In addition to migrations, MLC staff are responsible for providing training and support to the Michigan Evergreen libraries. “Training in Evergreen is proving to be a challenging experience, but I am pleased with its overall stability,” said Elaine Ross. “Trainees seem to learn very quickly and easily.”

After the pilot libraries have migrated this fall, the Michigan Evergreen project will be opened to other libraries who wish to join the shared catalog. To schedule a demo of Michigan Evergreen at your library, please contact 800-530-9019 Evette Atkin (ext. 152), Elaine Ross (ext. 153), or Ruth Dukelow (ext. 121). For ongoing information on the Michigan Evergreen project, see the Michigan Evergreen blog and the Michigan Libraries Wiki page.


Palin the Librarian

The NationBrian Ross of ABC News did a great report last night on how Sarah Palin tried to ban books and fired the town librarian when she was mayor of Wasilla, Alaska.

Here are the most relevant sections:

ROSS: Around the time Palin became mayor, [Palin’s] church and other conservative Christians began to focus on certain books available in local stores and in the town library, including one called “Go Ask Alice,” and another one written by a local pastor, Howard Bess, called “Pastor, I am Gay.”

BESS: This whole thing of controlling, you know, information, censorship, yeah. That’s a part of the scene.

ROSS: Not long after taking office, Palin raised the issue at a city council meeting of how books might be banned according to news accounts and a local resident, a Democrat, who was there.

ANNE KILKENNY: Mayor Palin asked the librarian, what is your response if I ask you to remove some books from the collection of the Wasilla Public Library?

ROSS: The Wasilla librarian, Mary Ellen Edmonds, the then president of the Alaska Library Association, responded with only a short hesitation.

KILKENNY: The librarian took a deep breath and said, the books in the collection were purchased in accordance with national standards and professional guidelines, and I would absolutely not allow you to remove any books from the collection.

“A few weeks after the council meeting, the mayor fired the librarian, although she was reinstated after a community uproar,” Ross reported. “The Wasilla librarian, Mary Ellen Edmonds, left two years later, and according to friends, because it was just too hard working for Sarah Palin.”

Is anyone paying attention, besides Washington?


dow jones

dow jones

Unemployment at a 5 year high.  6.1% national average as of today.  Stimulus checks that fell short of making a difference in demand of goods.  Do you think demand side economics is working for our country?  Is it time to change?

My new Tattoo

Librarian tattoo

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Note to self– Don’t change your day job.

A New Summer Olympic Game

FYI- The Chinese took Gold.

Are You Happy People?

Secret Society of Happy People


If you’re happy and you know it, then I highly recommend this site to you (simply click on the orange words).  There are only 7,000 happy people in the world that are apart of this society.  They need your membership (if you’re happy).

Mission of SOHP

The Secret Society of Happy People encourages the expression of happiness and discourages parade-raining. Parade-rainers are those people who don’t want to hear your happy news. And no, we don’t tell people to be happy if they aren’t or how to be happy.

Always remember to flush.

I read this on the web, in one of my secret peaking places. 

“I once hid a dead fish up in the ceiling panels at work. I never did confess, even though I felt a little guilty when people started to get ill.”

Just so you know, I have never concealed a dead fish up in ceiling panels.